Sustainability shift

Continuous efforts over centuries achieving remarkable progress in life standards, physical development & scientific knowledge has taken a heavy toll on our natural environment.

This alarming situation requires decisive action towards reducing the carbon footprint and institutionalised sustainable practices and resilient human living environment plans will be created.

Of course this requires complete commitment from Governments, Businesses and from each one of us as individual.

Achieving carbon neutrality or net zero footprints would be fundamental for the environment around us. However, it would require significant change in our approach to natural resource utilization, energy consumption, land utilization and waste management. In order to make this happen, we require changes encompassing living practises, business practices and governance models.

The questions we can ask ourselves to activate the change

In the present context, the Net zero & Sustainability remains a challenge with much efforts being made given the severity of challenges posed to the humankind. 

The entire gamut of comprehensive planning & action plan requires to address host of complex questions:

  • What are the appropriate Technologies?
  • What are the most innovative ways of designing such interventions?
  • How to optimise the capital budgets?
  • How to make operations sustainable?
  • What are the most innovative ways of financing such interventions especially in the context of emerging economies?
  • How would business look like?
  • What is the most suitable Governance model & institutional structure to handle this challenge?
  • How to make this entire transformative journey equitable & inclusive?

The contribution of companies in the field of sustainability to face the environmental emergency

There has been constant efforts by business world as well to align and reshape the practises to this inevitable reality. As business world navigate through changes brought in, they are poised to adopt & embed Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies to their core to remain in existence and deliver long-term value to all stakeholders.    

Digital Engineering, Tecnology enablement and Resource recovery as allies for the world

Though a comprehensive & meaningful approach would be much more dynamic & iterative in nature involving diverse range of stakeholders, but handful means like digital engineering, technology enablement and resource recovery have proven to be successful in bringing some positive impacts.

In-fact we have to constantly make an attempt to reduce digital divide in the world order and instead leverage the digital prowess to capture inconsistencies & gaps, model & forecast scenarios, run sensitivities & evolve the best approach.

Sachin Pant – MD & CEO of IQT IN Pvt Ltd (IQT India)