quality certification

IQT is a certified company ISO 9001 since 2003. The company is constantly committed to achieving targets of quality and satisfaction of the customer and we have particular attention to ensuring knowledge and the fulfilment of all environmental and safety requirements.

This is the reason why IQT decided to add value to himself with an integrated quality in 2018 – Environment – Safety Management System compliant with below mentioned standards:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
UNI EN ISO 45001:2018


The IQT Board Of Directors follow strategic key points:

  • the satisfaction of customers and employees;
  • the respect and protection of the environment;
  • the protection of the safety and health of the employees.

For this purpose, the Board Of Directors is focalized on:

Be different for quality, performance and image

Make the integrated system the focal point for employees and clients through the continuous improvement

Guarantee the respect of the environmental laws

Reduce risks and prevent accidents

The IQT Board Of Directors and all employees are involved in the principles set out and on the dynamic process of continuous improvement.



One of the main target of IQT is to guarantee the quality of design services. in this way, the company has decided to ensure an internal process quality management system certified and recognized as an international model. IQT is an ISO 9001 certified company through the Certiquality, the certification obtained in 2003 has been updated to the new standard ISO 9001: 2015 during the year 2018.


The year 2018 confirms the commitment undertaken by IQT consulting towards its collaborators and all those parties that interact with the company: from the control and protection of legislative compliance to the monitoring of safety and health of people in the workplace. IQT has recently obtained the safety certification with the TUV NORD italian brand.


We recognize the importance of ethical and social responsibility in managing our activities, in environmental protection and employee safety. The code of ethics expresses the ethical commitments and responsibilities assumed by IQT and for all who contribute to the realization of its targets.


Respect for environment and for work place have permit to reduce environmental impacts caused by the activities carried out. for all these reasons, iqt has obtained the important environmental certification ISO 14001: 2015 with the TUV NORD brand.


The competition authority and del market have attributed to IQT Consulting S.p.A. the score of “3 stars” through the way taken of request of legality rating.


On 31st July 2020 IQT has obtained the ISO 14064 certification for the year 2019 relating to the Carbon Footprint of the Organization for quantifying and reporting, reducing and absorbing, validating and verifying emissions and absorption of greenhouse gases (GHG – GreenHouse Gases).